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Committees & Appointments



(Budget presented at Session in May)

Barbara Grobler, Queen                                Chairman Barbara Lampi, PQ

Pr. Royal Lynn Haller                                                    Mary Ann Confar, PQ

Pr. Tirzah Katie Harrington Savinski                                    Pr. Karri Russell

Pr. Badoura Kim Newman                                                Kathy Ramich, PQ


Bulk Mailings

    Ibis Club #13                  Pr. Sherri Duke

    Committee                     Ibis Club #13



    Chairman                        MaryAnn Confar, PQ                                                      

    Pr. Royal                         Pr. Lynn Haller                                                                 

    Committee                     Pr. Julie Sarchett, Pr. Chris Albin, Pr. Kimberly Kent



Ceremonial Director                Vivian Gould, PQ                

Hospitality & Reception to Distinguished Guests

Chairman                    Liz Day, PQ                              

Reception to Candidates

Chairman                    Carol Zahler, PQ                     

Supreme Queen’s Official Visit and Ceremonial

Thursday, October 26, 2023, 2:00pm

Chairman                     Barb Lampi, PQ                      

Vice-Chairman            Brenda Elliott, PQ                  

Winter Ceremonial Monday, February 12, 2024, 7:00pm

Chairman                     Linda Burton, PQ                   

Vice-Chairman            Judy Smith, PQ                       


Chairman of Installation

    Chairman                       Kathy Ramich, PQ                          


Charitable Giving (My Gift Program/Foundation)

Chairman                       Beth R. Eng, PQ                              


Community Support for Hatasu Temple Members

   Cards & Communications to Shut-ins

                                             Pr. JoAnn Shaw                                    

      Shut-in Visitations     Barbara Grobler, Queen

                                       Pr. Chaplain Nancy Lambert, and Club Chaplains


Finance Committee
(Examine the bills prior to each Session, sign the bills)

Chairman                       Pr. Jean Pennington                             

Committee                    Pr. Gerry Mosler

Pr. Chris Albin


Financial Review & Audit

(Review both Recorder’s and Banker’s records, April 2024)

    Chairman                       Pr. Yvette Hunt                                     

    Committee     Pr. Karri Russell, Pr. Corie Moran, Angela Heydlauff, JPQ


Investment Banking

(Review investment CD’s and make recommendations)

Chairman                       Pr. Bonnie Mercer                                

Committee                    Pr. Royal – Pr. Lynn Haller

Pr. Tirzah – Pr. Katie Harrington Savinski

Pr. Badoura – Pr. Kim Newman


Hospital Requests

    Chairman                       Pr. Shelley Lampi                                                            



    Chairman                       Pr. Katie Harrington Savinski, Pr. Tirzah  

    Committee                     Elective Line Officers



    Chairman                        Pr. Sandra Albertson                                                      



    Chairman                        Pr. Candy Starowski                                                       


Phone Committee

    Chairman                        Pr. Sherri Duke                                                                

    Pr. Barbara Brown, Pr. Carolyn Adams, Pr. Carole Swanson,

    Elective Line Officers


    Queen – Angela Heydlauff, JPQ                           Pr. Royal  – Pr. Yvette Hunt

    Pr. Tirzah  – Pr. Michelle Danner                 Pr. Badoura  – Pr. Sarah Arnold



    Chairman                        Vivian Gould, PQ                                                             


Public Relations

     Publicity/Smile with Nile/Constant Contacts

      Pr. Lynn Haller and Kathy Ramich, PQ                                   

     Newsletter Editor         Pr. Ellen Jones                                                               

            Publication dates:  March, July, October, December


Queen’s Aides

    Pr. JoAnn Shaw, Pr. Sherri Duke, Pr. Darla Sluder



     Pre-Session Dinners at 5:30pm Reservations

      Pr. Gerry Mosler


      Website     Pr. Kim Newman, [email protected]                              

Social Media    Pr. Katie Harrington Savinski                                                   

Facebook    Pr. Sara Wilson, [email protected]                                 

Unsung Hero Award

               Chairman Barbara Grobler, Queen